5 Reasons Why Recruitment Marketing Is The GREATEST Way To Attract Candidates

5 Recruitment Marketing Benefits

As we mentioned in our post Recruitment Marketing – What is it? the world of recruitment has changed. Candidates can now find out everything about you online with very little effort and without having to apply for your vacancies. In this post, we will look at 5 reasons why recruitment marketing benefits you and your recruiting efforts.

SEO And Your Target AudienceRecruitment marketing benefits your search results

Candidates search for their next job online. They want to know everything about a company before they consider applying for a job. This is not in doubt. They are acting more and more like consumers every day.

If you’re not coming up in the search results of your target candidate audience then you are missing out on lots of future employees. These will probably be the stronger candidates that are available.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) applies to the job boards as well as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The strategies that work for organic search will also help you to rank higher in the job board results.

Recruitment marketing gives you the ability to target your specific audience of candidates in a way that puts your vacancies and brand right in front of them when they are researching.

Increase Your Employer Brand ExposureEmployer brand exposure is another benefit of recruitment marketing

Corporate marketing departments focus on gaining attention for their brand or product. Recruitment teams need to gain attention for their employer brand for the same reasons.

More exposure that you gain for your employer brand means more chances of attracting the best candidates in the market. Even if they don’t apply for a j0b now, they will remember you if your brand is strong enough and resonates with them.

Your recruitment marketing plans and strategies will ensure that you are right in front of your candidate audience and showing yourself as an employer of choice.

Recruitment Marketing Shows The Real YouRecruitment marketing gives candidates a crystl clear view of your employer brand

Marketing your employer brand is more than advertising your job descriptions.

Candidates want to know everything about you not your jobs, so show them behind the scenes. Give them some insight into what it is like working for you. Even showing the not so good things about your jobs will prove that you are honest and open about your opportunities. After all, even the best jobs have certain parts that people don’t really like!

Candidates won’t want to work somewhere that looks boring and flat with no character. Recruitment marketing is the only way that you can show that your brand is exciting and fresh.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, there are certain things that set you apart from your competition. All you need to do is showcase them!

Building Relationships With CandidatesBuilding relationsi[s with candidates is key to success

Recruitment success depends entirely upon relationships. Marketing activity and strategy is all based on being where your audience spend their time whilst engaging, educating and entertaining them at the same time.

As they get to know you, the conversation  (engagement) will develop and relationships will form. You are moving away from advertising a  job and then expecting a candidate to apply. You need to nurture them whether they have applied or not. Even if they are not quite right for you now, they may know someone who is, or they may just need some more development before they are a perfect fit for you.

Recruitment marketing is the long game, rather than “spray and pray” and hoping for someone to apply.

Candidate PipeliningRecruitment marketing benefits your candidate pipelining and lets you turn the tap on when required

Imagine this:

You are asked to fill a specific vacancy. Before you even look at advertising on your favourite job board you open your candidate list. You find the perfect candidate, call them and book in an interview there and then.

5 minutes work and you already know that you have a great chance of filling the vacancy at very low cost!

This isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds! Recruitment marketing benefits you by putting you a step ahead of the game.

You have spent time getting to know your target audience and building relationships with your candidates. They are engaged with you and want to work for you. They just need you to tell them about the perfect opportunity!

The effort that you have put into your marketing has shown you as an employer of choice, so all you need to do is turn on the tap of candidates.

The 5 Recruitment Marketing Benefits

So there you have them.

The 5 reasons why recruitment marketing is the greatest way of attracting the best candidates are:

  1. It increases your reach in the search engine results
  2. You gain more exposure for your employer brand
  3. You can show the real you
  4. It helps you to build relationships with all of your candidates
  5. It enables you to  build the important candidate pipelines

Do you know any more reasons why recruitment marketing benefits your talent attraction and retention?

Share them in the comments below.

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5 Reasons Why Recruitment Marketing Is The GREATEST Way To Attract Candidates

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